vintage alphabet ephemera

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on a regular basis during my years of living in finland finnish folks would say to me... 
''really you think finnish is hard? it's easy.... even the children can speak it.'' 
hahaaaa yea finnish kids! come on man!

anyway here's a charming collection of nordic ephemera i've been collecting over the years.
the cards really haven't help me speak finnish, but they are super cute!

each letter has a different theme in primary colors.
backs are either in a solid green or a green and white pattern as pictured.
made of sturdy pressboard.

condition ranges from very good condition (with light use) to fair condition (solid cards, no tears but visible use, marks, creases)
i find the wear on these to be acceptable and it adds to the charm considering they are 40-50 years old and a child's game.

over the years i've tucked these cards in snail mail, much to the recipient's delight. 
i've also made use of the cards in journaling and card making. 

choice of letters 
card size: aprox 10.5cmx10.5cm or 4in×4in
condition varies
limited quantity 
made in helsinki 1960-70s

some uses for these cards:
darling slipped into snail mail, a card or letter
perfect in journaling 
mood boards
smash books
altered art
card making
get creative have fun!


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