my mother's greenhouse.

4.50 EUR

flower and plant ephemera.  
scandinavia  early 1970s.

a collection of gorgeous plant and flower ephemera. 
this collection has been an absolute joy to assemble and brought back bits of childhood joy and wonder. 

a little story.... 
my mother was THE original legit plantlady, i'm second generation legit, my daughter is third generation legit! 
children that grow plants become adults that grow plants.
we never lose that connection with the magic of flowers, foliage, soil, nature, growing.
my childhood home was a 150 year old family farm house with an attached greenhouse.
it was used for storage for years and then my mother filled it with life, light and opened a small business for a time.
i was lucky to be raised among the plants and flowers of the 70s. 
my mother's greenhouse was a jungle of ferns, leggy spiderplants and roping philodendron floating in macrame plant hangers.
she fussed over blooming gloxinia, african violets and knew how to time flower bulbs to bloom for the holidays.

if i was ever bored as a kid she would hand me a plant book and tell me to study and write an essay.
i learned about plant care, pests, propagation... an education i would carry with me into my own adult plantlady life. 

but let's get back to paper....
these are just beautiful illustrations capturing that 70s plant vibe.  

sets contain cut outs of flowers, plants and foliage.
lovely variety of illustrations with no repeats and generously sized. 
photos are just an example of what you will receive.
this is an assortment set (lucky-dip). 
not to worry all the cut outs in this series are charming! 
the colors are gorgeous on a soft white paper.  
lovely lovely quality with a cotton paper feel. 
if you love flowers and plants you will love these... you don't have to have a green thumb or have lived in the 70s to enjoy them! 

set contains: 
total of 10 images. random assortment (lucky-dip)
sizes will average approx 15cm to 12cm in length or 6in to 5in 
paper finish: full-matte.  
sturdy paper with cotton texture.

some uses for this packet:
beautiful in collage work
all matters of journaling 
mail art
smash books
altered art
card making
get creative have fun!



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this shop specializes in paper, ephemera, one of a kind art, handmade pieces, vintage.
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