fly agaric tag set


charming field study tags featuring  amanita muscaria. 
in the autumn the finland forests bursts with these enchanting polka-dotted fairy mushrooms. 

substantial sized tags make a lovely set for anyone who's charmed by nature, vintage or mycology (an enthusiast of mushroom).
set contains: 
total of 3 tags.
heavy paper stock.
metal rivets. 
3 gun metal hang-tag pins.
tag size: aprox 6cmx11.5cm or 2.50in×4.75
paper gift envelope.
paper finish:  full matte, nice to the touch

some uses for these tags:
tied to a gift
tucked into a bouquet of wildflowers
a little something on a mood board
darling slipped into snail mail, a card or letter
perfect in all manners of journaling 
get creative, have fun!

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